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Doug McArthur

A long time ago a group of guys first met as students, at Unley High School in Adelaide South Australia (VK5), and it was the beginning of life long friendships and a interest in Amateur Radio, Engineering and Electronics.

Most of the group went on to make what was their early interest in electronics, their professional careers. 

The exception was John VK5DJ who followed the Education path from class room chalky, to Head Master, to Inspector and well beyond but retaining a profound state of the art interest in the hobby as can be seen by all his projects at http://www.VK5DJ.com

The story told by John in this article provides an insight of our early beginnings in Amateur Radio which is still followed with enthusiasm, if not a tad less physical today.

Read .. “The Adventures of some 15 year olds” .. John Drew VK5DJ.

Its all 100% embarrassingly true.

We all have now been licensed for well over 50 years and still meet weekly on 80 metres when ever possible.

John (VK5DJ) was my best man at my wedding back in 1964 as too was Brian then VK5TN now VK3BCZ.

This photo was taken at Brown Hill Creek Reserve in Adelaide, South Australia some time in 1956 with a box brownie camera. The print was recovered from the wreckage of our house after Cyclone Tracy demolished Darwin on Christmas Day 1974. John has done some enhancement to improve the quality that was caused by water damage at that time.

A nostalgic Photo of the three amigos .. click here.