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EME Calculator [EMECalc]

This software, with the addition of a simple level indicator and preferably an in-line switched attenuator, will provide a most accurate way of assessing your equipments' performance.

This software will accurately predict *, to a very high degree;

In addition a "How to .." section has been provided to enable you to select the best dish feed type combination as well as answering the vexing question

of "if I increase the size of my existing Dish " will it be worth while?

Most all of the known practical engineering factors that make up the 'EME Budget' have been included.   

You can also reverse engineer and thus define a possible problem area that can then be improved.

If the calculations provided by this software do not coincide fairly closely with what you are achieving, then you have some area that can be improved.

The software is a tool to determine that area for improvement.

It is not a problem with the software … it is your job to find out why there is a difference!       

* Notes

    Although this software provides the Engineering data pertaining to the 'EME Budget', factors outside this can influence the end result.

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