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Down Load EME Planner Ver 2.18   

The VK3UM EME Planner

The VK3UM Planner is just that, an EME Planner, and  supports the following functions (and many more).

a large viewing screen with large easily visible numbers for manual tracking.

Incorporation of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) DXCC listing as a VK3UM DXCC Data  Base of locations and an additional user storage section that can be added to at will and edited by  the user.

Planner screen with multiple options that allows you to determine your mutual window with another   Station and print the display if required.

Horizon selectable Azimuth / Elevation and Polar mount Right ascension /Declination are provided.

A Global Spatial offset screen where selected areas of the World have been chosen so that you can determine what offset is required.

A Sources and Planet display screen that provides you with the coordinates of the Sun, Moon,  Quiet  and Noise Sources, as well as the Planets and an optional user input.

A Sources and Planet Planner that provides the ability where the user may select either a Planet or a  Noise or Quiet source and display its Azimuth and Elevation (or RA Dec if Polar) along with the Moon and  Sun positions, if visible, at the time. Pprinting the display is an additional option if required.

A Sky Noise Map that provides the Sky Noise Temperature behind the Source chosen, Park position indication and Mouse Az/El tracking across the screen based on your location at that specific time. The  time may be shifted to observe future or past situations on Sky noise temperature.

An accurate Distance Calculator is provided and integrated with the VK3UM Data Base.

Home data Set up screen for ease of configuring your location and parameters.

Accurate Moon Distance, additional path loss, diameter, Libration, illumination, phase, Moon

quarter and phase angle.

The displayed accuracy has been enhanced in a joint co-operation effort with John VK5DJ,  and his use of extensive calculation routines based on Mr’s Duffet-Smith and Meeus algorithms.

       When updating to a later software version your Home Data and DXCC personalised data base will not be over written.

The program has detailed integrated Help to guide you through its operation.

And a lot, lot more !

Down load  EME Planner

 Help document (pdf)

(Stand alone printable)